Innovative Enterprise Solutions Since 1982

Fischer International Systems Corporation provides service to Fortune 500 corporations, as well as institutional customers, in a variety of industries, including the financial, retail, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, government and educational marketplaces. 65
IOF JES2 Management

Fischer Interactive Output Facility (IOF) is the gold standard of JES2 Management. "How did we ever survive without it?" A productivity tool valued by a vast range of users: technical, application programmers and novice users.


TapeStream® Virtual Tape Drive Management

Fischer TapeStream® features a productive and cost-effective method for a virtual tape management solution to IBM Tape subsystem on the enterprise server or mainframe. No massive power consumption. No special air conditioning load. No blocks of physical space in your computer room—and don't forget required service clearances.


SHARE 2013: San Francisco

Announcing: Training by Video
IOF customers continue to enjoy the productivity that comes from continual improvement to the IOF product. Learn how to utilize the latest feature, IOF Send. Deliver batch jobs to any email in HTML without any special programming.


Why Fischer

Fischer offers unparalleled value in enterprise licensed software, maintenance, and support.




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