TapeStreamŽ for VTAPE - zVSE System

TapeStreamŽ has developed extensions to the IBM VTAPE Server for Windows platforms to allow VTAPE services to reference TapeStreamŽ tape images. After installing the IBM VTAPE Server on the TapeStreamŽ server, the configuration file for VTAPE is updated to specify the TapeStreamŽ-provided routines that will implement tape image sharing between the products.

Tape images written by channel-attached system can be read by VSE applications using VTAPE (unless encryption was used during writing). Similarly, tape images written using the VTAPE Service can be read using channel-attached applications. Additionally, tape images written using the VTAPE service can be managed using the TapeStreamŽ catalog and are eligible for post-processing the same way that tape images written by channel-attached applications are written.

Channel Connection

Many installations run z/VSE as a guest of a z/VM host system. To avoid potentially disruptive interactions with the z/VSE operating system, TapeStreamŽ supports tape operations using a passive interface that receives console messages via the SYSLOG ECHO facility. This facility causes all messages to be copied to an identified VM guest machine that is running a filter script. This script will identify tape-related messages and examine them to construct a command that is sent to the TapeStreamŽ server over an IP connection.

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TapeStreamŽ for VTAPE - zVSE System

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