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TapeStreamŽ features compatible V-TAPE z/VSE Version 5.1

Use TAPESTREAMŽ catalog library and post processing functions with IBM V-TAPE z/VSE 5.1 release that is due fourth quarter of 2011.

Fischer Catalog Library feature allows you to get more information than a standard system catalog by keeping the job name, creation and expiration date, and multiple data sets with the same name. Organize by capturing the data set information written on tape label and store it in the SQL database. The SQL database allows an installation to easily write its own reports.

Fischer Post Processing feature allows tapes images to be selected for additional processing after the tape is unloaded.

Additional processing can include:

  • File transfer: FTP or other electronic transfer of your files quickly and automatically
  • Copy: Duplication to a hot site or network storage backup site
  • Unload: To optical media or removal media for archiving
  • Differential de-duplication: Full backup is better record keeping as more restorable and more flexible than a parts list. Differential de-duplication allows the installation to transmit only the changes to be reconstituted offsite.

POSTED 9/7/2011 news-27
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