The Power of TAO

TAO offers you multiplatform, multilingual messaging and scheduling capabilities that cross organizational and geographical boundaries. All TAO users within an organization can have access to the same calendar, bulletin boards, directory and scheduling system, regardless of their computing platform or the language they speak.

TAO provides the latest in messaging technology, including complete security and recovery facilities, real-time cross platform scheduling, application APIs for data sharing, FAX and Pager capabilities, and more. Fischer International Systems Corporation is committed to keeping TAO on the leading edge of messaging technology by investing in research and development for exciting new solutions.

Available Platforms

TAO clients are available for PC desktop users running Microsoft Windows (Including Vista), and large systems running CICS, VTAM, TSO, IDMS, IMS, and CMS. The TAO server runs on MVS, S/390 and z/OS.

The TAO database was built on a centralized database server which supports a vast population of users who may be simultaneously accessing it from many different environments, across different systems, and possibly different system types.

Some of the advantages of the central database concept include flexibility, reliability, minimal administration overhead and the ability to achieve extraordinary performance. Because the server has exclusive control of the physical database, it can maintain in-core caches of data (which cannot be done on a traditional 'shared database'). This cache buffering can improve performance by factor of 20 to 40 compared to traditional databases.

An advanced recovery facility is also available for organizations that deem messaging to be mission critical. This facility permits database recovery should a database disk fail. It offers a dynamic backup facility that fully backs up the database even as it is being used and updated by online users.

When it's important to you

Organizations that rely on messaging are demanding that their e-mail systems work together, that their directories synchronize, that their messages arrive promptly and intact, and that their networks are not bogged down by messaging-related traffic.

To try and meet these demands, more and more client/server solutions are struggling to become scalable. Those built on UNIX or PC platforms, however, require multiple servers; in turn, those multiple servers require database replication or synchronization, thus increasing network traffic and demands for support, administration and network management.

TAO's architecture is built on a simple concept: re-centralize the database to a scalable, secure, and reliable server platform and distribute the user features to the desktop client. Users can choose clients that are native to TAO, Web-enabled, or extended MAPI compliant. This allows an organization to meet its messaging goals without forcing users to abandon the desktop clients they prefer. Extended messaging outside the organization with TAO is easy, too, through a single connection server to business partners, customers, vendors or the organization's mobile work force.

Simply put, TAO offers the market's most flexible, "grow-able" capability for messaging, scheduling and more, while requiring the least administrative overhead. With TAO, organizations and their users can focus on what is said instead of how to keep in touch.

TAO SMTP Gateway for z/OS

The SMTP Gateway for z/OS and OS/390 improves reliability, reduces costs, and eliminates server-side virus threats by providing SMTP Gateway functionality on the mainframe.

With TAO's application APIs and the SMTP Gateway for OS/390 and z/OS, users can send virtually anything to anyone, anywhere. TAO is completely scalable: TAO's client/server architecture supports large system servers where the server may support tens of thousands of users and the clients may be on disparate platforms throughout the organization.

What's new in TAO 5.03

TAO 5.03 offers a number of updates and new features requested by our customers. These include:

  • Below-the-Line storage relief
  • The TAOFRANK module now loads above the line, freeing storage for control areas that must be allocated in 24-bit addressable storage. Additionally, National Language message tables other than US English have been removed from the base modules, thus reducing the overall size of TAOFRANK and related modules. Customers requiring multiple language support will be able to select the desired language modules and link them in as part of the installation process.
  • Changes in console message processing that were introduced in z/OS have been addressed TAOFRANK and other TAO executables detect the level of zOS and present messages to be displayed in the new format starting with z/OS 1.6. While the changes are not required until zOS 1.8, this implementation allows customers to begin testing the TAO changes independently of the zOS testing.
  • The “Sunshine” feature (mail audit) of TAO has been enhanced to allow audited messages to be stored separately by ALIAS, PROFILE or DEPARTMENT of the audited profile. This allows easier identification and extraction of messages send to or by an individual or group of individuals. Organizations requiring message monitoring can benefit from this improvement.


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