TapeStreamFX® for VTAPE - zVSE System

TapeStreamFX® has developed extensions to the IBM VTAPE Server for Windows platforms to allow VTAPE services to reference TapeStreamFX® tape images. After installing the IBM VTAPE Server on the TapeStreamFX® server, the configuration file for VTAPE is updated to specify the TapeStreamFX®-provided routines that will implement tape image sharing between the products.

Tape images written by channel-attached system can be read by VSE applications using VTAPE (unless encryption was used during writing). Similarly, tape images written using the VTAPE Service can be read using channel-attached applications. Additionally, tape images written using the VTAPE service can be managed using the TapeStreamFX® catalog and are eligible for post-processing the same way that tape images written by channel-attached applications are written.

Channel Connection

Many installations run z/VSE as a guest of a z/VM host system. To avoid potentially disruptive interactions with the z/VSE operating system, TapeStreamFX® supports tape operations using a passive interface that receives console messages via the SYSLOG ECHO facility. This facility causes all messages to be copied to an identified VM guest machine that is running a filter script. This script will identify tape-related messages and examine them to construct a command that is sent to the TapeStreamFX® server over an IP connection.


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TapeStreamFX® for VTAPE - zVSE System

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