VTFM-NewGen (formerly IBM System Storage VTF Mainframe*) is a software-only virtual tape solution for z/OS that writes tape volumes to standard mainframe DASD.  VTFM-NewGen complements your existing VTL/VTS storage solution with enhanced tape management capabilities for your most critical volumes. VTFM-NewGen delivers a high performance, yet low-cost tape virtualization strategy that enhances the reliability, availability, and serviceability of the tape processing cycle.

VTFM-NG can move less frequently used virtual tapes to one or more remote off-site storage locations   and upon request by the originating or any other site (e.g. disaster recovery site), can automatically recall them.


  • Bring mainframe reliability and availability to your most critical tape operations without introducing new hardware.
  • Complement your existing VTL/VTS strategy. Replace your aging physical tapes.
  • Tape data is stored on standard mainframe disk allowing for enhanced job performance.
  • Unique Parallel Access Tape (PAT) feature enables multiple, simultaneous read access to the same virtual tape(s).
  • No JCL or operational changes are required.
  • Supports policy-driven disk space management of VTFM-NG disk pools. Fully compatible with z/OS legacy tape/disk environments.
  • Provides a range of compression levels while offloading compression processing to zEDC and zIIP.
  • Supports remote vaulting of virtual tapes.


VTFM-NG provides the following benefits:

  • Parallel Access Tape can dramatically improve job throughput by enabling multiple simultaneous read access to the same volume(s)
  • Improves accessibility, availability, and performance of tape data during application processing.
  • Minimizes outage exposure through accelerated backup and recovery of critical log files.
  • Provides enhanced z/OS disaster recovery through mirroring of on-mainframe-disk tape volumes between primary and disaster recovery locations
  • Reduces tape processing costs by eliminating the need for surplus VTL/VTS equipment to handle peak tape processing periods.
  • Reduces physical transport and cartridge storage expense.
  • Eliminates errors attributed to traditional tape handling, manual intervention and physical movement of tape cartridges.
  • On-site failover capabilities in the event of VTL/VTS subsystem failure.

* “IBM System Storage VTF Mainframe” is a trademark of IBM”


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