Web Messaging

Web Messaging


Fischer International InterPost is the only cost-effective alternative to extend messaging, calendaring and identity management features to employees, contractors and partners across intranets and extranets. It delivers all the features needed by most users at a small fraction of the cost of Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes.


The TAO Internet Messaging (TIM) server provides support for internet protocols SMTP and POP-3 over secure a connection to the TAO Mail Server.

The TAO Internet Messaging engine runs in the S/390 environment with connectivity to a TCP/IP network (Intranet, Internet, Extranet) that supports standard protocols to hundreds of thousands of employees or business partners, eliminating the high cost of distributing and managing proprietary client software.

The TAO Internet Messaging server will provide messaging capabilities to a variety of standard Internet messaging clients such as Internet Explorer, Outlook, Exchange, Eudora, Lotus and Netscape are among the clients that support Internet protocols and may plug into the server engine.


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Web Messaging


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