IOF (Interactive Output Facility)

Companies around the globe have selected IOF for IBM mainframe management since 1982. Ease-of-use, customization, and an unparalleled programmable interface have made IOF an indispensable tool.

Excellence in Mainframe Management and Support

IOF, the most comprehensive productivity aid for TSO and CICS environments, provides tools to manage JES2 resources. IOF is popular with operators, systems programmers, production control facilitators and application programmers because it provides:

  • Quick easy access to just the information you need
  • Built-in report and spool management applications
  • Easy addition of custom report and JES2 management applications
  • World-class technical support

For IOF support, call 239-643-1500 and for after hours support, call 239-436-2700 please listen to the end of the message.

To download the latest version of IOF (8G), please click here.

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