Productive, Cost-Effective Fully Featured Virtual Tape Drive Management for IBM Mainframes utilizing AWS format for tape images.

TapeStream®—Mainframe Backup at the Speed of Light


TapeStream® runs on a standard desktop or rack-mounted PC with an available PCI slot. No massive power consumption. No special air conditioning load. No blocks of physical space in your computer room—and don’t forget required service clearances. The TapeStream® server connects directly to your mainframe using a physical channel or IBM's V TAPE solution. Because it is a PC, you can easily scale the solution to your needs.


“TapeSTREAM® works great for Pinnacle Data Systems.
It's working so well that we're looking at adding it
to another corporate site.”
—Gerald Harper, Programming Manager – Pinnacle Data Systems


TapeStream® allows backups to run in less than half the time required for standard tape technology. Tape volume changes are almost instantaneous. Volumes are “mounted” immediately using local disk storage. Faster backups can allow for more frequent backups since the service outage time has been reduced.

TapeStream Virtual Tape Management Diagram


Logical tape volumes can be managed using standard tape library software, such as RMM. Pools of scratch tapes can be maintained for non-specific volume requests. Logical tape sizes can be customized to the final media, whether CD or DVD. No matter what size you specify, the finished tape image only takes enough space on disk to hold the data that was actually written.


Unattended operation means less time is taken from other duties. Should manual intervention be required, the colors on the interface will change to alert you to the problem. The remote management feature of TapeStream® allows you to monitor the backup from where you need to be.

Screenshot of the TapeStream® Interface

Screenshot of the TapeStream® Interface

STREAMline your STORAGE Costs

TapeStream® files can be copied to CD, DVD, or even to open SANS for offline storage. If a file is needed, it can be read directly from the storage media. There is no need to stage the data back to disk. If multiple tape images are stored on a single CD or DVD, they can be read simultaneously, even by different jobs on different LPARs.

STREAMline your OFF SITE Costs

TapeStream® files can be sent off site for storage or Disaster Recovery purposes using inexpensive optical media.


Every year, the amount of data that regulatory agencies' require to be archived grows. TapeStream® makes it easier to create and manage frequent backups of your compliance data.


Every time your data leaves your site, the chance for compromise grows. With TapeStream®, your data can automatically be encrypted before it is written to the optical media that will go off site. Transferring data to another facility such as a hot site or a business partner only requires another TapeStream® at the other site.

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